19-21 May 2017 – Fundraising & Sponsorship Workshop – Dartmoor

This weekend a few of us headed down to Devon for the Fundraising & Sponsorship workshop. It was a great opportunity to ‘Get the full picture’ of what the expedition will be about and have all of our questions answered. It all started with an exercise where a tent bag was dropped into the middle of a field (ie just been dropped to us on the ice from an aeroplane) and we had to pitch it. Well this thing was a beast. Putting up a 15 man tent with an estimated value of £5,000 was no easy task when we had never seen it before. But we managed to work well as a team and get through it. We then moved inside for a chat as the heavens opened up, where Jim asked us to given a brief introduction about ourselves and to mention the worst thing that has ever happened to us. It was a very heart felt exercise.

For the rest of the weekend we talked about the workshop in great detail. Not only did we need to know it for ourselves, but we also needed to be able to answer any questions that our potential sponsors might be asking. We looked at profiling, social media, branding, PR, public speaking (with enthusiasm) and the strength of working together to get the message out.

800 Miles in 80days to the ‘Pole Of Inaccessability’ is the Biggest, Boldest, Bravest, and most Important polar Expedition of our time and I am officially a Ice Warrior Team Member.

Let the training continue……